Registration and student affairs

Registration and student affairs

Our mission is to strive to achieve everything that will help students and address their study situations in accordance with ministerial regulations and instructions and simplify the procedures for student affairs by all means of modern technology.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for all colleges and university departments

Tuition fees

University tuition fees


Minimum (rates) for application for the 2020-2021 school year


Student admissions controls

Evening study

Conditions for evening study

Morning study

Conditions for morning study


All Islamic University discounts

Student Affairs

Free scholarship students

Every year we receive dozens of students accepted as part of the free grant organized by the Ministry.

KoranIc Scholarship

All about the free scholarship for the keepers of the Holy Quran organized by the university to accept students with full free grants

First students

We pride ourselves on our first students and provide them with the utmost support to push them towards greater scientific and practical excellence.

Request a document

Apply for graduation document

Request for support

Requests for support for continuity of the study and others

Student ID request

Student ID request

Alumni system

The Islamic University is keen to follow up on its students graduates

Students accepted this year

Students accepted this year