Department of Computer Technology Engineering

Establishment of the department

Established in 2006-2007, the Department of Computer Technology Engineering at the Faculty of Technical Engineering/Islamic University is one of the oldest scientific departments established at the Islamic University and received the first course of its students in the 2006-2007 school year. The department began graduating students in 2010, where the department had a wide range of successful and outstanding graduates in all fields of science, management, technology and process. The Islamic University is one of the universities of civil higher education recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The section follows the assets and instructions in force and adheres to the ministry's directives, To keep pace with scientific and technological developments and modern guidance in the field of computer technology engineering and its applied aspects, especially in the field of informatics and communications. The department adopts the annual education system, The duration of the study is four years, During which the student receives the scientific aspects related to computers and their practical applications based on the vision of the department, its mission and its objectives. The graduate is awarded a bachelor's degree in engineering.

The vision of the section stems from our tolerant Islamic faith, our ancient civilization, the absolute belief in the inevitability of development and advancement in the fields of knowledge in general and knowledge of the mechanisms required to deal with calculators and the consequent techniques and related information in communications in particular, Therefore, our vision is to develop the human energies that students and teachers have received from us, In the field of students, there are practical engineers who are able to design, install, operate and maintain all computer systems and related devices, And able to keep up with the latest knowledge developments in the field of computer technology engineering and emphasize the teaching of scientific thinking systematic behavior and application, In the field of teaching and assistants, work is done to define the structure of the order of those with expertise through their activities in scientific research, scientific seminars and conferences in order to define and establish a hierarchical structure university hierarchy of disciplines that will propose everything that does the state of scientific and practical development in the department.

1- Providing the opportunity for higher education and learning in the field of computer technology engineering and the dissemination of a spirit of careful and logical thinking, providing the community with expert engineers and researchers in the space of computer technology engineering.
Encouraging and developing knowledge through scientific research and employing it to solve the problems of society.
3- Serving the community and contributing to its development through training programs, courses, seminars, conferences and scientific workshops and advising to spread the culture of computing and its techniques to shorten effort and time.
4- Building the integrated personality of the university student in its different dimensions in accordance with Islamic values and generating spiritual and values of fruitful joint action to serve the country, Strengthening national belonging to make change better.
5- Attention to the modern intellectual and cultural construction of students and teachers in the department by learning about the world’s experiences in the field of computer technologies by constantly updating the library and conducting panel discussions and research in order for the department to have a clear scientific presence in conferences, seminars and experiences exchange programs.

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