Faculty of Islamic Sciences / Qur’anic and Linguistic Studies

The establishment of the college

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research approved its establishment in our book numbered JH/ 2459 on 19 August 2004

The Faculty of Islamic Sciences was founded at the Islamic University of Najaf, Iraq, in 2018, It was approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for its establishment with its book J.T.H.A./K6277 on 1/4/2018.

Qur’anic and linguistic studies are among the most important studies dealing with revealing the secrets of the Qur’anic text, and a miracle Because it deals with the basic components that make up the construction of the sacred text, And it consists of its expressive features, These are words, and since Allah almighty has lowered the Holy Quran on our honest prophet, The Secretary Muhammad (p.s.), with a clear Arabic tongue.

This college seeks to prepare an academic generation of our Iraqi youth armed with the true Islamic faith, and carrying the original Islamic principles He takes from the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, and the people of his house after him a enlightened saddle that paints the right path and the straight approach to life, It is a weapon for him to defend his faith and language in the face of those who are lurking in the tolerant Islamic faith and to restore the suspicions of the disinterested and spiteful.

Not only that, but the college is working to prepare teachers and researchers specialized in Qur’anic and linguistic studies and contemporary Islamic thought, which contributes to their ability to teach Arabic language and literature, Islamic education in secondary schools in an integrated way reflects experience and competence in explaining and delivering the subject.

1- Establishing the correct Qur’anic vocabulary in the minds of graduates and scholars of the department’s materials through materials provided to students.

2- Providing students with scientific and practical knowledge to participate in the building and development of society by transmitting Qur’anic concepts and linguistic and literary sciences associated with highlighting the Qur’anic text.

3- Providing students with useful science and a good approach to defending the Holy Quran to confront those who are lurking in the tolerant Islamic faith, The suspicions of the disinterested and the spiteful were dismissed.

4- Graduation of a constellation from the Campaign of Qur’anic sciences and Arabic language to spread Qur’anic concepts, He instilled the bright image of the text in its vocal, drainage, grammatical and semantic levels.

5- Linking the students and the students to the Book of God, to preserve, recite and interpret, As well as Qur’anic behavior in dealing with human society.

6- Confirming the use of classical Arabic in pronunciation and writing, And the calendar of the Arabic tongue. Provide students with the science and knowledge of Arabic language needed to form a personality capable of using the language with the ability to speak and write in such a way that they can play their distinguished civilized role.

7- Linking students to the basic sources of the Arabic language by preserving, judaizing, understanding and studying the Qur’an.

8- Developing the abilities of students to prepare Qur’anic, linguistic, literary, cultural and guiding programs. And provide them with research skills according to a sound scientific methodology.

9- Deepening the spirit of cooperation between the students of the department and the students of the college and the university by participating in the purposeful activities, Cultural seminars.

10. Enrich students’ information with other sciences closely related to qur’anic sciences needed to form a general understanding when considering emerging contemporary issues.

11- Preparing a specialized teacher with a balanced personality and aware of his religious and educational professional role and armed with the general Qur’anic culture, specialized knowledge and good behavior, And create the morals of the educational profession and prepare it to keep up with contemporary life in light of the data of modern technology and give him skills that qualify him to perform his duties assigned to them in schools, Especially in the field of Qur’anic and linguistic studies.

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