Quality assurance

About the department.

The department seeks to be a center of excellence and innovation in quality practices in all faculties of the Islamic University through the application of modern quality systems, tools and methodologies and ensure their quality and the continuous development of the university education system, which qualifies the university to obtain programmatic and institutional academic accreditation from international accreditation bodies and the university’s entry into international rankings and to achieve the strategic objectives of the university.
To ensure quality and evaluation of university performance and continuous improvement of the quality of the education system at the university through the use of the latest models and practices to ensure quality, evaluate performance and follow up implementation to achieve the objectives of the university (teaching, learning, scientific research and community service) and raise the level of efficiency and competitiveness of the university and its educational outputs and prepare for international academic accreditation.
The main vision of the department is to obtain the certificate of quality assurance and academic accreditation (institutional accreditation, Specialized Program Accreditation, and accreditation of educational and medical laboratories) In addition to raising the reputation of the university by entering into important international rankings and improving its ranks in the others included in it. And that there are real endeavors of the department through its specialized and efficient scientific staff in consolidating faith in the concepts and principles of the total quality system in the educational institution and developing the qualitative performance of all employees by raising the skills and capabilities in quality assurance and achieving academic accreditation programs to improve the characteristics of the educational product Represented by the student with his scientific treasury as well as the quality of scientific research and educational project. The main objective of the department is to build a sober administrative system as a basic basis to ensure the success of the quality assurance program for the activities and activities of the educational institution in achieving academic accreditation programs in accordance with strategic plans and accurate and comprehensive standards to measure and evaluate the performance of all educational events and activities and to obtain the certificate of international conformity in quality assurance and academic accreditation.

1 – Contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the university related to raising the academic level of the faculties of the university through the application of the concept of quality.

2 – Work on building an integrated system of evaluation

Continuous and annual self-employment of all the work and operations of the university and follow-up implementation and evaluation plans for the faculties.

3 – Implementation of appropriate training programs according to the needs of the actual application of quality programs approved for cadres working in the department or colleges, Propose the programs required by the implementation process outside or inside Iraq.

4- Providing support and advice to the various faculties of the university in everything related to quality issues and academic accreditation.

5- Provide support to colleges in selecting and adopting the criteria that will be adopted as a starting point towards academic accreditation.

6 – Develop data and statistics on the colleges and departments in the university to ensure that they are used in writing reports related to quality and academic accreditation.

7 – Develop a plan for the implementation of the quality program in the colleges and centers affiliated with them through the links between the department in the university center and the quality divisions of the colleges.

8 – Establishing scientific and professional relations between the university and international academic accreditation institutions to apply quality and academic accreditation.

9 – Spreading the culture of quality among the university employees in relation to teaching, student, scientific research, scientific project and administrative aspect.

10. Conducting studies, holding conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops in the field of quality and academic accreditation.

11. Encouraging the spirit of competition between the faculties of the university to improve the educational process and its outputs.

12 – Support the university to enter the international rankings.

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