Public Relations and Media

About the department.

Introducing the role and mission of the university, And seek to build a positive image of it in the public Publish all the news and announcements related to the university. communicating with the media to spread the university’s message, and the services it does to the community, Organizing meetings and press conferences for their officials. Preparation and issuance of bulletins, particularly related to the achievements and events of the College and its distribution inside and outside the university. Media documentation of all university activities Supporting colleges and departments in the implementation of events and conferences. Organizing social activities, events and events. Follow-up, printing and publishing brochures and other types of publications in academic programs put forward by the University. Issuing bulletins that serve as a reflective mirror for various internal and external university activities. The department works to build bridges of communication with Iraqi and international universities and colleges at home and abroad.
The Department of Public Relations and Media Department seeks to be the window of the Islamic University on society, and a link between the university and its students and its audience and various public and private sectors on the other hand, And to establish a positive impression of the Islamic University and its lofty mission, And the formation of mental images that are in line with the scientific and educational objectives and status of the university.
The aim of the Public Relations and Media Department is to adhere to ethical and professional standards. objectivity, And adopt transparency in the transmission and writing of news about the university.

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